Goals and Objectives for a Security Organization

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Goals and Objectives for a Security Organization University of Phoenix Introduction to Organizational Security and Management SEC/310 Goals and Objectives for a Security Organization A security organization is established for the purpose of providing security on a wide range of assets. These assets can be information, personnel, equipment, and documentation to name a few. It is the responsibility of the security organization to understand the legal aspects of their business as well as providing the security for whatever they are charged with protecting. There are positive and negative influences concerning organizational security such as contracted personnel from a third party security organization. These personnel may not be loyal to the company they protect but the company they work for (Ortmeier, 2009). All security organizations should have a goal to achieve a land mark by which success and failure are measured. This will assist in the development or refinement of protocols. By having a well-trained and professional security force an organization can focus on the task of their primary mission and have confidence that whatever they are having protected is indeed protected. Knowing how the law works and what is legal or illegal in a current theatre of operations is key for a security organization. This area of operation could be in the United States or overseas. The security professional must be well versed in laws governing the operation for the area in which the operation takes place. There is no excuse for losing an asset because of a legal issue that should have been addressed before hand. The security organization must know how the law works. From the proper way to collect and preserve evidence to how court proceedings are conducted. When it comes to dealing with perpetrators the security professional must respect the rights of the
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