Explain The Agreed Ways Of Working With Employer

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Bv, The agreed ways of working with employer in the following areas. DATA PROTECTION We have to follow the Data protection act 1998. Data must be kept secure and kept in the corrected place for the correct amount of time. All information in the work place is confidential. GRIEVANCE If we feel the need for a grievance to take place we must follow the Disciplinary and Grievance procedures. Any Grievance must be kept confidential and dealt with in a professional way. If the Grievance is for yourself your employer must follow ACAS code of practice on Disciplinary and Grievance procedures. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Conflict is always likely to happen in the work place. We are expected to act honestly and to not put yourself in any position which could cause conflict at work.…show more content…
If ever you witnessed this happening it would need to be reporting straight immediately. HEALTH AND SAFETY We all within the work place have joint responsibility for health and safety practice to ensure we work in a safe environment. We must follow any training we have had. Any potential hazard must be reported immediately also any accident or incident must be reported and an accident form to be completed. CONFIDENTIALITY Confidentiality is very important as we are working with vulnerable people. It is very important that we maintain confidentiality at all times. If we are told something in confidence by service user we must explain that if necessary we may need to report to our manager but will still be confidential unless further action is agreed or needed. Any care notes or service user’s care plan are also confidential so we must ensure this is kept safe. Anything that you have been told in confidence must not be noted in care
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