Law 421 International Legal And Ethical Issues Paper

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1. International Legal and Ethical Issues Cynthia Debose October 07, 2013 Law/421 University of Phoenix Chontele McIntyre 2. Once an individual completes the simulation, he or she can see that there are many problems concerning the practices, and resolving of international transacts disputes. It was hard trying to work through the difficulties of dealing with two different sets of protective laws. One problem encountered was attempting to develop one agreement that would represent two different companies, each with its own set of government policies regarding business. Every company involved must do its part of resolving any legal disputes, such as drafting a choice-of-law clause. Drafting this clause is a good beginning because it helps both parties protect and define specific laws. If a legal dispute does arise both parties may want to consider other options before taking any legal actions, options like; the original contract, the partnership, relations and investments with the country in which the company is located, and government laws where business is transacted. A factor that may not have a favorable outcome…show more content…
The shaven beard example in the simulation uncovered a conflict between the rules of the company and religion expression. The example regarding the beard may not always be acceptable in certain situations, and a company may have to make some adjustments to deal with particular situations that arise. These adjustments could make it easier to comply with the foreign country’s requirements and make conducting business in that country more pleasant. This also helps to protect companies against any claims of discrimination. International problems regarding business law, in this week’s simulation, are similar to those presented in week one’s reading regarding domestic issues of business

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