What The Constitution Means To Me

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The Constitution means a lot to me. The Constitution to me is like the law of the entire nation. It is broken up into different parts so that all areas of ruling are dealt with. This breaking up of the Constitution is to handle with certain issues specifically. I have human rights to do what I want to a certain limit. The government cannot have unreasonable power over me and everything will be handled in order. The Constitution to me means that I will be protected and that I do have rights. When I think of the Constitution I think of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch. These branches mean that there will be laws to protect me. The check and balance means that I will be protected from branches having too much power. The People…show more content…
Hugo Black points out that the amendment says, Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech. “No law means no law.” The Constitution of the United States of America is perhaps the most valued and important document in our country. The Constitution in my own words is the understood rules established years ago by the first fathers of our country. The politicians who wrote the Constitution were trying to bring freedom to the country while at the same time equality. It was a very brave move for these men to try to enforce new rules and rights on a new country. It was not easy at the start but the Constitution is still standing today. It is very hard to change the Constitution by adding or removing amendments. I feel this is done for a good reason. The Constitution is a very strong document and any change to it changes the way everyone in the country can live. It is in Article V of the Constitution that tells the methods for adopting amendments. Amendments can be proposed by 2/3 vote by the house of Congress. Then the amendments must be approved by ¾ the states, and by ¾ of the state legislatures. Which usually is a long and complicated process. This amendment process is usually the first way we think to change the Constitution but it is actually
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