Security Assessment Essay

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Associate Level Material Appendix B Security Assessment Directions: Choose one of the Facts for Consideration sections from Ch. 3 of the text and list the page number for the section you chose. Then, complete the following table. List five threats appropriate to the environment from the section you chose. Rate the risk for each threat from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Then, list five appropriate countermeasures. Once you complete the table, write a brief explanation of the countermeasures for the two threats with the highest risk total, stating how the countermeasure reduces the risk associated with that threat. This assessment is based on the Facts for Consideration on page __93__ THREAT | RISK | COUNTERMEASURE | | Probability | Criticality | Total | | Example:Physical assault | 9 | 4 | 13 | Highly visible officer presence | Inmate Escape | 10 | 4 | 14 | Be familiar with the history of the inmate whom you are transporting. Limit restroom and other stops to secure facilities and account for all inmates prior to departure. | Assault from outside | 10 | 10 | 14 | Review the route when transporting and pick the best route, do not use back roads. | The ratio of staff to inmates | 8 | 3 | 11 | When transporting high custody inmates review staff to inmate ratio and add extra staff if possible. | The number of high custody inmates on transport at one time | 9 | 3 | 12 | When transporting high custody inmate limit the number of inmates on the bus. | Transport officer’s complacency | 10 | 3 | 13 | Use well trained officers and ensure they are aware of and understand the policy. | Transporting inmates is among the most dangerous, but necessary aspects of law enforcement and corrections. When transporting all possible threats should be anticipated and a plan devised incase something were to happen. Planning a route can be the most secure way to
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