Gm591 Case Study the Forgotten Group Member

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It is apparent that this team did not meet the level of performance which was expected of them by their professor, Sandra Thiel. The task at hand was to analyze a seven-page case and come up with a written analysis. Christine Spencer, who was chosen as the “Team Coordinator”, knew that this project would be judged by the quality of the group work and should have begun the process of getting the team acquainted with each other. This would have helped to build trust, something that all successful teams require. The more team members know each other the more they are comfortable working together, giving suggestions and challenging ideas to ensure the best possible outcome. Christine had a significant problem with Mike because of his distancing from the group and the lack of effort which was required of him. Christine should have begun to reverse this problem as soon as she observed it in order to prevent it from becoming worse. From the beginning Mike had proved to be difficult. The problem first became present when the suggestion to meet before class had been given and Mike “balked”. Christine should have addressed it immediately. By addressing the issue from the beginning she could have increased Mike’s accountability by making individual performance expectations clear and specific. This low enthusiasm from Mike could have also been a result of Mike feeling Christine had poor team organization. It is important for Christine to realize that every team will go through the stages of team development. It is her job as the team leader to help see the team through these stages; to bring them to the point where they are working as effectively as possible toward a common goal. Our course book reminds me that each team passes through various stages of development during their life cycles, and each stage poses somewhat distinct management problems. Christine

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