Case 7: The Forgotten Group Member Essay

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CASE 7: The Forgotten Group Member Part I: Group Development In The Forgotten Group Member, students were placed in groups to complete an assignment. Christine Spencer, who was said to be a very devoted and hard-working student, was appointed as the Team Coordinator. Everyone else on the team provided their contribution to the work except Mike. Christine was having a difficult time scheduling meet times that were convenient for the rest of the group, solely Mike. She was aware of his personal issues and the conflict with his job. Although, she remembered the professor telling the class to let her know if there were any problems within the group after an internal attempt was made to correct the issues, Christine had not yet made a decision to do so. There are five stages to team development: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. The forming stage is where the team members get to know each other. The storming stage is where all the tasks are split into individual responsibilities and any team-related obstacles are smoothed out. Norming is the stage where everything should be flowing between team members building relationships and the work is progressing. Relationships are getting better in the performing stage where the team members are able to deal with complex tasks and can handle internal disagreements. Finally, when all of the work has been accomplished, the adjourning stage is complete. If Christine would have followed the schematics of team development stages, her issues with Mike not participating effectively could have been avoided. It was suggested that any issues be handled internally before going to the professor, but that wasn’t done. Christine allowed Mike to understate the importance of the assignment and possibly threaten everyone else’s grade by not fully being in support of his responsibilities, although she thought he was very

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