Forgotten Group Member

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Case Study: The Forgotten Group Member Leadership and Organizational Behavior Part I: Group Development Reflecting on the case and textbook material, what stage is the group at now? At the end of this case, Christine’s group seemed to already be at the “Performing Stage” of team development. Per our class text, (Schermerhorn, J. 2012, p.165), this stage is when “team members are well organized and well-functioning; a time of team maturity” The last paragraph of the study says, “All the others had done their designated sections…” meaning that the teams’ work was done, including Mike’s poor work. Christine was already contemplating the dilemma of scoring Mike low on team contributions that would lower the group’s overall score. The group did mature, function well, and was organized except for one member that Christine had a difficult time communicating with getting any productivity from. How could an understanding of the stages of group development have assisted Christine in her leadership role with this team? If Christine had a better grasp of the importance of the forming stage where group rules should be emphasized and followed, then Mike may have taken the project a bit more serious from the start. Instead when Mike joked, clowned, and protested the “before 8:30 a.m.” meeting times, Christine did not confront him on the spot and address a potential problem early on. In addition, the other members laughed and did not seem to think Mike’s attitude and lack of participation would be a problem. The next stage of “Norming” was when all others were cooperating except for Mike. Christine could have consulted with Professor Thiel who had the authority to handle situations like that at a different level. The case stated that the Professor stressed dealing with in-house problems on their own, but if the problems could not be resolved, then they could report them to

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