The Forgotten Group Member

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The Forgotten Group Member Case Study #1 Leadership and Organizational Behavior GM591 Professor 21 JAN 2012 The "Forgotten Group Member" is based on a group of five individuals; Christine, Diane, Janet, Steve and Mike are taking an Organizational Behavior course. These five individuals are put into a team by their professor to work together towards a common goal. Thirty percent of their final mark is going to be determined mainly on the quality of groupwork and the success of the case study. Part I: Group Development The group starts off right in the "Forming" stage; all members are friendly and had "great camaraderie" in the first meeting. The coordinator, Christine, arranges future meetings and all team members but Mike are able to regularly make the meetings. The team progresses to the "Norming" stage although Mike, with his premature performance, is in the "Storming" stage. Mike did not feel as though he was a part of the team, and he had other priorities over the team's goals such as work and girlfriend problems. An informal cafeteria meeting encounter did not contribute to Mike's positive development in the team. He most likely felt like an outcast or forgotten. If Christine understood the stages of team development, she could have addressed the situation at hand to get Mike up to speed with the rest of the team. Christine did not immediately address the primary issue with Mike and grew concerned in the middle of the semester. She needed to figure out how to deal with only the rough hand-written submitted notes of ideas, while the rest of the team developed into the "Performing" stage with their part of the assignment completed. Part II: Problem Identification The primary problem is Christine's lack of experience as a leader. Christine saw herself as a meticulous and well organized person but obviously has never been put in a

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