Global Environmental Issue Biodiversity and Extinction

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What is it? Biodiversity is the degree of variation life forms within a given species, ecosystem and planet. Due to rapid environment changes typically cause mass extinctions. The reduction of biodiversity is primarily caused by human impacts, particularly habitat destruction. Since half of the world’s population is living in urban areas many habitats have to be destroyed to make space for new buildings, houses etc to be built. Due to the destruction of animal habitats, many animals are becoming endangered and extinct. Extinction is the result of many environmental issues such as biodiversity reduction, global warming and hunting of a certain animal species. Many animals are becoming endanger due to these environmental issues and eventually becoming extinct. There are many animals that are close to becoming extinct such as the polar bear and gorillas. Polar bear habitats are melting away due to global warming stranding them on ice in the middle of the water and away from food sources. Many are drowning trying to swim to other ice glaciers because its too far away. Gorillas are becoming endangered and extinct due to habitat loss and being hunted. Their habitats are being destroyed because of deforestation causing them to move into smaller areas away from humans. Hunters are illegally hunting gorillas for their meat, souvenirs and pets. What is being done? Many animal species have been registered as endangered animals so they’re not hunted and prevent them from becoming extinct. Many people are also trying to raise awareness and showing how habitat destruction is affecting biodiversity and the animal species living in that area. By doing this people hope that people will think twice before going and cutting down and destroying that area. What can I do? Even though I can’t stop the destruction of habitats and extinction of animals to stop

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