Germanys Downfall: The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles seems more like revenge than a peaceful agreement. Germany had so many unreasonable consequences. The worst restriction was that Germany’s army was to be restricted to 100,000 people and were to have no tanks or heavy guns. How do you call that fair? Germany had lost the war, people, and land already why do they have to make it harder for them to defend themselves in the future? Germany was forced to sign a statement that said that it was the primary cause of the war. How was that true? Serbia pulled the first assassination that caused war not Germany. Lastly, Germany was forbidden to have an air force. Which means that they are only allowed to have 100,000 people, no tanks, no heavy guns, and no air force. They might as well just fight their battles with water guns. Being restricted to 100,000 people is outrageous. At the Battle of Somme 1,000,000 people had died, this is ten times more than what Germany is allowed to have in their military. Now, think about how easy it would be to wipe out Germany in a battle. The only way Germany would be able to defend themselves in a battle now is if their military was a team of superheroes. The countries that decided on Germany's punishments should have been more reasonable. This is a treaty isn't it? Not vengeance. They should give Germany a bigger amount of people to work with. Having 100,000 people in a war, means you might as well just pack up your bags and quit. In 1914, a young Serbian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, assassinated the future emperor of the Austria Hungary Empire. This is the trigger that started off World War 1 not Germany. All Germany did was come and help out one of its allies, Austria Hungary. Now, does that look as if Germany was the primary reason for the war?

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