Participation In WW1

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In 1912 Woodrow Wilson was elected President of the United States. Wilson, in his first term, had successfully kept Americans troops out of World War I. This was difficult at the time because almost all powerful countries were starting to pick sides. However eventually American involvement became necessary later on in the war as the powerful countries of Europe faced off in 1914 in what was to be four years of horrific war. During these first four years, America managed to mind its own business and really avoid much if any conflict at all, however, in the latter part of it America played a key role in really demolishing all hope that Germany had left by defeating them. Thus today making the United States participation in the war crucial to its victory. In 1916 Wilson won the reelection by using the slogan “ he kept us out of war” but that would not be valid for too long. As the war went on the United States started to side more with Britain, France, and other countries that were fighting Germany. The last straw for the United States in there step to go to war was the sinking of the British passenger ship,Lusitania, by a German submarine in 1915, which resulted in the deaths of 128 Americans. Also Propagandistic imitations of German atrocities in motion pictures added to the want for war. Finally, when it was…show more content…
These American Troops did so by basically destroying any little hope Germany had of winning this war. They broke the back of the German military. Some numbers to gander upon include.American losses — 48,000 killed in battle, 56,000 lost to disease — seemed small compared to the huge costs paid by other countries. Germany lost 1.8 million people; Russia, 1.7 million; France, 1.4 million; Austria-Hungary, 1.2 million; and Britain, 950,000. “The War to End All Wars,” as it was called, turned out to be just another assessment of humans’ intelligence for killing other humans in large
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