The Role Of The Zimmerman Telegram In World War I

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In the summer of 1914 war swept across Europe which turned into a prolonged global struggle. In World War I there were the Allies, which were composed of Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, and the US. The Allies were against the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. The Europeans quickly rushed into war but United States at first did not want any part in the war. At the time the President of US was Woodrow Wilson who wanted to stay Neutral. Germany was the cause to lure United States into the war (Keene). The Zimmerman Telegram was the main reason which led United States to immediately enter the War and it was the main turning point which backfired for the Germans and was beneficiary for the Americans. The Zimmerman Telegram was a letter from the Germans…show more content…
After intercepting the telegram Britain realized that with the info they have would benefit them because it would cause United States to join the Allies. Britain at first lied that they were unable to steal a decoded copy of the telegram in Mexico, but later on they alerted the Americans about the telegram they intercepted (Kennedy). America found out about the telegram on February 24th, 1917 and it was released to the press on March 1st. Mexico and Japan had immediately denied that they had anything to do with it (Wilde). Even after what Germany did, President Wilson still hesitated in taking further steps. Wilson broke off any relationship with Germany, but still did not declare war with them. The Germans U-boats continued to sink million tons of Allied ships per month; the Allies told Wilson that without their supplies they have no chance in winning the war. Finally on April 2, 1917 Wilson went to the Congress and asked for a declaration of war. Wilson was real serious and dedicated in not only defeating Germany but destroying them
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