The Aims Of Two Countries Entering World War I

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Assess the aims of two countries entering the First World War. To what extent were they successful in achieving their aims? The German Empire grew rapidly and strong during the late 1800s which created tension between the countries in Europe. Before German control, Europe seemed to have found a balance of power. Now many countries felt threatened, examples of that are countries like France and Great Britain. Great Britain entered the war by signing a series of agreements with France in 1904. The two nations made an agreement to support each other if a war broke out. Germany signed similar agreement with Austria-Hungary in 1879, creating the Dual Alliance. This was also a great threat to the other countries. Russia joined the Dual Alliance creating the Triple Alliance in order for the German Empire to not be threatened from both sides, and there Russia in some way entered the war. The reason why Russia joined the alliance was because they saw Germany as a great threat, and another lost was too expensive. To join them would be a great excuse to hide. At this time Britain was extremely frustrated because the German Empire had taken control of the sea, the strength that for a long time belonged to Britain. The naval force was something that they wanted back, and therefore entered the war. It did not look very promising for either France or Britain since Russia, the German Empire and Austria-Hungary (who were the largest nations at this time) cooperated. However, since the new German emperor Wilhelm II did not care about the alliance, things went wrong. Austria-Hungary declared war with Serbia on 28 July in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June in 1914. As Serbia mostly consisted of Slavs, Russia had to protect them in order to protect their own people. As Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, everything changes, and Britain and
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