To What Extent Should Germany Be Blamed For The O

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It has been argued for a long time if Germany is to blame for causing world war one. This essay will argue if Germany is responsible for the first world war which took part in 1914-1918. There can be different opinions to this question but it is hard to blame only one contry for such a big war. German government was very eager to rule the world and be part of the big countries in Europe, especially like Great Britain. This ruling is inadequate and can make the other countries aggressive and full of hatred. So Germany could get blaimed for World War one but there are many different attributes which made this war so horrible. The first mistake which Germany made was that the Kaiser gave Austria the total support if they wanted to attack Serbia. Of course Austria attacks Serbia with the mighty Germany behind there back. Austria would never made such demands if the German Kaiser wouldnt of promised unconditional support. Because of the attack Austria wanted to put on Serbia Russia wanted to attack back because they where fully behind Serbia. So the Kaisers permission to attack Serbia was the start of a small war between these four countries. Russia had a huge army and where in an alliance with France, so Germany felt so weak to fight both of them together. Germany then declared war on Russia on August 1 but then was immidiately on the way to conquer Paris through Belgium, which they managed on August 4. Germany attacked Belgium even though every country had to sign a treaty that Belgium will stay neutral in the war. Belgium then of course asked Great Britain for help, who where able to stop Germany coming into France. So now Germany was blocked by Great Britain, but they still declared war on Russia which means that they where getting bombed by the Russians and they could not fight back because they where stuck in Belgium. This situation again shows how
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