Chapter Summary: France Finds A Foothold In Canada

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Elizabeth Vazquez 9.26.2013 APUSH Chapter 6 France Finds a Foothold in Canada Know: Hugenots, Samuel de Champain, New France 1. How was the colony of France different from the British North American colonies? The colony of New France differed from English in government-wise. Due to autocratic regime the French were denied the right to trial and elect government officials. New France Fans Out Know: Beaver, Coureurs de Bois, Voyagegeurs, Robert de La Salle 2. What factors led to the French settlement of New France The factors which lead to the settlement of New France were the large amount of beaver and its demand for its pelt. The French missionaries named Jesuits along with explorers lead to the settlement of New France. The Clash of Empires Know: Treaty of Utrecht,…show more content…
How did George Wahington spark the French and Indian War? George Washington sparked the French Indian war by firing (shooting) forty miles from Fort Duquense and assassinating the French leader. Global War and Colonial Disunity Know: Benjamin Franklin, Albany Plan of Union, “Join or die” 5. What was meant by the statement, “America was conquered in Germany? The statement "America was conquered in Germany" means that whichever country would prove to be the most powerful in Europe would boost the rights to America since allegedly no troops where worthy enough to send them to America. Braddock’s Blundering and its Aftermath Know: Edward Braddock 6. What setbacks did the British suffer in the early years of the French and Indian War? The setbacks the British suffered early in the early years of the French Indian war due to old bullheaded General Braddock, a slow moving army due to carrying heavy artillery throughout the expidition, and a series of losses in Canada alse by George Washington. Pitt’s Palms of
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