Four Aspects Of Human Life

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My present life has four different kinds of aspect. One is the purpose of birth, death, health, and education. The purpose of birth is to know things, to experience life, to be a human being, and to be free. Birth is also to have goals, such as becoming a doctor, being famous, or just being rich. Birth and death is just a cycle for us, to give and take our life, so it could be over. Death is not something we should fear because people will all die. When we are alive, we are not dead, yet when we are dead, we are not aware of anything. It’s a brief transition between life and death that death poses an issue. Death is the price citizens pay for the enjoyment of love between man and woman and also love between parent and child. People all get old and puts off our offspring’s and this is the purpose of death, to retire, to rest in peace until we are given another life possibly. Being healthy and well is a dramatic issue for people, yet many people don’t do the simplest things to stay that way. People have to: drink liquids every day, eat fruits and vegetables, practice sports, exercising, and having a goal. These are the important qualities of life. If people want a good and happy life, then these qualities should be a goal to them. Finally, last but not least, another aspect of life is educated people, education. Education is developing knowledge, skills and character. to implant a facility of learning, to decide what is wrong and right, to make matters more complicated and a goal of process. Acting responsible in a complex society, to have the knowledge to get out of trouble and become a responsible person. Overall, these are my four present aspects of live. It is really important that we address these aspects, to make it through life and following any goals that one must

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