Reflective Practice Essay

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The importance of reflective practice (RP) for classroom teachers. It deals with the definition of RP and its steps. It also represents how it is helpful to classroom teachers. Many questions are raised in modern days regarding the need and significance of reflective practices by classroom teachers. Reflection denotes thoughtful consideration of a situation or event that has taken place with the intention of understanding and learning from it and changing or improving future actions. Reflective practice is defined in a most recent literature as a vehicle through which one can improve his practices by thinking and rethinking on his own experiences. Therefore reflective practice is constant thinking and questioning of: • Our beliefs (for example: why students not learning exactly what I teach them?) • Our assumptions (if a student’s father is a driver, will he/she become more than driver?) • Our judgments: (what do I mean when I say a student is “dull” or “bright?) • Our prejudices: (the West learnt everything from the Muslims) • Our emotions and feelings: (if a student calls me “stupid” what should I do?) • Our actions and their consequences: (how did I handle this question? What will happen to a student if I expel him from the classroom?) The question now arises is that why we in general and teachers in particular should reflect on our practice? Firstly, it is required for personal and professional growth. With the help of reflective writings we attempt to enhance our mental capabilities and improve our practice. Also, it helps us to do things right and be able to justify our actions. Reflective writings make us creative and innovative and facilitate us to consider fundamental issues in learning. We can analyze various factors before taking decision. Hence, this aids us to bring about a better society. When we reflect we tend to identify and examine the
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