For Better For Worse By Stephanie Coontz Summary

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Ms. Saylor English 105 3 April 2012 Word count 786 A Response to “For better; for Worse” The main idea of Stephanie Coontz’s “For Better; For Worse” is that through the years society has looked at marriage differently (171-175). The author begins the essay with an example of a 90’s TVs show Murphy Brown whose main character was attack by Vice President Dan Quayle, because she decided to have a child out of Wedlock. Vice President Quayle attacked her because the show failed to defend traditional family values by encouraged teens to abandon marriage. For example, in paragraph two she tells us that “marriage is no longer the main way for societies regulate sexuality and parenting or organized the division of labor between men and women” (171). Another example in paragraph two is that “although some people hope to turn back the tide by promoting traditional values, making divorce harder or outlawing gay marriage they are having to confront a startling irony: The very factors that have made marriage more satisfying in modern times have also made it more optional" (171). Coontz makes it know that there…show more content…
I know so many people that are gay, and they seem to be very happy. I would hate to see the ones that I love could not be happy because marriage laws were change back to traditional weddings. I dislike what is going on with people trying to change the law to ban gay marriage. These laws have cause most of society to neglect people that are relationships with the same sex. I think every person deserve to be happy no matter if they are straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Since the reasons have changed from people getting married for economic reasons to love, I do not see why it should matter what kind of person people fall in love with. People should not have to hide their relationship to please
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