3 Entry #1: What Do People Want from a Long Term Romantic Relationship?

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Chapter 13 Entry #1: What do people want from a long term romantic relationship? Almost every one of us had in his life going through a romantic relationship. Someone used to be in that term at once and thru the end of the life, and someone many times, but after courtship, we had the moment to decide what to do next? What do we want from a long term romantic relationship? In that period of time people have come to know each other, the habits of features they like or do not like. Based on all these factors every one of us makes a choice to continue the relationship and get married or break up. That also depends on the initial objectives were looking for relationships thru all life or for a short period. This is a very crucial and responsible moment, which also defines a particular fate. In most cases, this choice is a positive for both sides and it designate to the wedding, because each of us hoping for the best for the positive end of a romantic relationship… Entry#2: Do you believe love conquers all? Why or why not? I do not believe in love at all. For me it just a temporary feeling that some people call a loud word “love”. So Do I believe love conquers all? Hmmm….Let’s see. When people think they “love” each other, they are spending a lot of time together, hormone endorphin support them in a positive mood of mind that helps people conquer with some of the difficulties. Peoples who are believed in love and have this feeling for someone else can say “Love conquers all”. But, I have on a scientific point of view about
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