Is Survival the Greatest Virtue?

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Is Survival the Greatest Virtue? True love never dies. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, love is powerful, and love is the greatest force that governs all of existence. The love for one another can be a lit up journey as well as a dark road. The power of love can force people to act the way they’ve never acted before. It takes over your actions, competes with your mind, and overcomes your heart. Love is the most important aspect of survival because it allows humans to work together, connect with each other, and understand the world around us. When you love someone you are willing to give them your all. You will take a bullet for them, die for them, and give up your life for them. In the play Antigone, Haemon does just this. He is in love with Antigone and when he hears that she is going to die he does what was what he thought was best for their love. In doing so, he took his life away because she did the same. Love is not determined by how the person looks or acts, but by how they make you feel. In the play Antigone, people were dumbfounded when Haemon chose Antigone because “you wouldn’t have thought she was his type..[her sister] is certainly more beautiful than Antigone. She is the girl you’d think he’d go for” (Antigone 14). The people of Thieves expectations do not, and will not meet reality. Haemon exemplifies this at the end of the night when he “suddenly went in search of Antigone, found her sitting alone..and asked her to marry him” (Antigone 14). Why didn’t he choose her sister, Ismene? Why did he suddenly find Antigone? Was it coincidence or was it love at first sight? Love is a sensation of deep affection. Realistically, love can be towards a person, a place, or an idea. Creon “loves being king, he is an artist." “Antigone doesn’t think, she acts, she doesn’t ‘reason’, she feels (Antigone

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