Bishop Richard Malone Marriage Analysis

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Brett Libby 11 / 4 / 12 Theology III Definition of Marriage This article written by Bishop Richard Malone talks about marriage from a very idealistic version of what marriage should BE, but not what marriage always IS. Not every marital union is blissfully happy, whether it is man and a woman, two men, or two women. Not all marriages of men and women last. Often, the marriage breaks up and the children’s lives get a whole lot more complicated, either by being raised in two households or by a single parent only. Bishop Malone states; “Marriage is the foundation of the family and the best place for children to be loved, cared for, educated, and taught to be productive, creative, upright, and responsible citizens”. What Bishop Malone is saying is that this environment is what is best for a child. I also feel this is true but I believe…show more content…
She is an outstanding citizen in this society. I think she would be a terrific parent, and I resent those who think she is a “bad” person just because she is a lesbian. Many children born into traditional marriages would be far better off being raised by someone like her than by a heterosexual couple in a dysfunctional marriage, but that’s just my opinion. I can understand that many people prefer that gay unions be called something else besides “marriage”, but I don’t have a preference on that matter. Sometimes I wonder what all the hate against gay marriage is all about. Why is it such a big deal? I agree with Bishop Malone and his opinion about marriage being the foundation for a family, but I disagree with his stance that marriage should be between a man and a woman only. This comes from a very idealistic view on how life should be. Therefore, I believe that homosexual unions should be legal because they can provide the same amount of love, care, education, as well as create equally productive, creative, upright, and responsible citizens as any heterosexual
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