Men And Women In The 1800's

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Men and Women play different roles in society. The man goes out and work, controls things and understands things women just can’t. Well at least that how it was perceived in the 1800’s and back. You could say it’s still the same, except for a few major changes. Changes that was made for the equality of every human being. Women too . Despite the activities of the Suffragettes and the support of the Labor Party and some members of the Liberal Party, women still had very few rights in 1900 and certainly no political rights. In fact, the activities of the Suffragettes lost women the support of many people, including women, who viewed what they did with alarm. So one cannot say change came immediately, it took a bite size of integrity and bag full…show more content…
The war enabled them to test tanks, airplanes, weapons and perform other duties that had formerly been male only functions. Men weren’t torn away from their masculine characters. They all the same had bills to be and depending on the type of household, still had the upper hand . They set it to them straight as if he were reading her, her Miranda rights. All the same , it is important to know men and women were created equal, if not written on a piece of paper , it is said religiously, “ both male and female reflect the nature of God …Gods sublime unity does not belong to one gender or the other.” (Let’s talk about sex roles, in theory, para 5) These words were written and looked at for centuries but still women played an idealistic role that prominently derived from years back . It took women being angry and suffering yo actually changing the unrealistic view of themselves. Some men despised it, but other men changed with the women and learned to love it by the early 2000’s, things grew omishly different. Dan Mulhern wrote,” When your grandmother were raised, being a woman meant being a housewife, But mom and the new generation seized new opportunities. Her success freed me to see a man can be good…” (para, 5) Since then women are routinely doing jobs and functions that nowadays won't get a second

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