Legal Late Term Abortion Case Study

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The Case for Legal Late-Term Abortions • What is the main Argument that is being made? The main argument in this newsweek is Abortion. On how in the 1950’s people did not have the option to chose abortion and how in now days with all the advance technology, such as ultrasounds and diagnostic tests, to diagnose mental retardation and other chromosomal abnormalities in the first weeks of a conceived baby, society still divided by pro and anti-abortion. The article also mentions that government still hasn’t find any solutions to this dilemma and this topic has even been ignored for decades. • How is the main argument supported in the article? The writer is exposing her own experience having a mentally retarded brother; she develops a story on how her family suffered because of him. The writer also expresses that people should have the power to choose between abortions or not once a fetus is diagnosed with a disability.…show more content…
I am pro-choice but I have to say, abortion is a wide topic and it surprises me how women use abortion. I have heard of cases of women that use abortion as a birth control or just because having a less than a perfect child or just because a new baby doesn’t fit in their family. I always thought that abortion was an option because the life of a child would be miserable, for example, a teenager that was raped and she is unable to properly take care of her child; or a fetus diagnosed with a disease that would make the child suffering and the chances of survival are
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