For All The Rude People Essay

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In For All the Rude People, a man is told that he has a life threatening disease and only has weeks to live. As he thinks of what to do for the rest of his short time, he comes across a man who makes a living off of making others feel as bad as him, or worse. He realizes that this man doesn’t deserve to live, and purchases a pistol which he uses to kill the man with. This sets up the basis for the story and what happens next. The first and main key character is Mr. Turner. His purpose is to rid the world of rude people who go about their lives making others feel miserable. Where this is made apparent is when he meets the ticket booth man at the circus, and thinks to himself, “This man deserves to die.” Another key character is the doctor who tells Mr. Turner that he has a life threatening disease, because if it weren’t for him, Mr. Turner wouldn’t have been aware of his disease and wouldn’t have gone murdering all the rude people he meets. I think this text may have some sort of deeper meaning, which could be a message as simple as “don’t be rude” or something more critical, like “it’s people like you that make people go on serial killings.” I honestly don’t think there is much of a deeper meaning in this text other than that, though. The first thing this text reminds me of is the Virginia Tech school shootings. Obviously the shooter was a man who was fed up with being treated poorly by everyone around him and decided to get his revenge on the world. Of course, the obvious difference here is that he killed everyone he could see, whereas Mr. Turner focused on people who made a living off being rude. But it makes you think, maybe if so many people weren’t so rude on a day-to-day basis then maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems. In conclusion I would say the For All the Rude People has a good message in it, and that is simply, don’t be so rude. Like I
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