Gregory And Just Lather,That'All

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Comparison and Contrast “Gregory” with “Just Lather, That’s all” As the old saying goes “As long as carrying the blade of justice against, and weak arm will also is mighty.” There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell. Justice is happening anywhere, it makes the world safer and more peaceful. The protagonists in Panos Ioannidies’ “Gregory” and Hernando Tellez’s “Just Lather, that’s all” are both facing moral and justice dilemmas throughout the stories. Justice is like a piece of wood, which press it in the water, but in dilemma it will come out from the water. There are some good points and also has bad points in the two stories. In “Gregory”, the soldiers gave Gregory two chances to escape because they are justice but he didn’t. And in “Just-”.The barber wanted to kill Captain Torres to save more people. But at last he didn’t because he still want to live in the world peaceful. However, justice is still the most part in both stories. When view barber and the narrator in the two stories, it becomes apparent that they are similar in that justice. In Gregory, the narrator and Gregory are enemies. It’s the same as in Just lather, that’s all, the barber and Captain Torres are enemies. It looks like they should kill their enemy, but at the beginning of two stories they didn’t because both barber and the narrator have justice in their heart. “Gregory” is a story about loyalty, friendship and irony. When the narrator’s execution is ordered the guerrilla's must choose between their friend and their loyalty to their country. However, the narrator has to obey the order to kill him. In “Just lather, that’s all”, the barber has a lot of chance to kill Captain Torres but he didn’t. This is because he thought if he kills him he will also become cruel like Captain Torres. War is a sad stuff so many people were died in the war. Actually,
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