Food Inc.: Deromanticizing The Food Industry

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Food Inc.: Deromanticizing the Food Industry In a society where our meals are all prepackaged, served to us or require very little preparation it’s not surprising that people overlook all the processes these foods go through before they just ‘magically’ appear in front of our eyes. Food Inc. takes a look at how all of our food came to be. It’s tough to watch and has you really thinking about what you’re putting into your body. The film uses lots of logic, powerful emotion, entertaining visuals, some borderline conspiracy and commentary from many credible sources. The film starts out with commentary “the way we eat has changed more 50 years than the previous 10,000” and talks about how the advertising for food still depicts classic farm raised food. Which instantly catches your attention and prepares you for the substantial amount of facts they’re about to give you. The film is so jam packed full of information every time you watch it, you’ll catch something you didn’t before. There’s so much evidence in this movie it’s almost impossible to refute it. One thing about documentaries though is there is usually some bias involved. This is not an exception, while they cover it by saying majority of these companies rejected the request of being interviewed, there really isn’t too much of a counter argument provided. I don’t think the bias makes any of this information less credible though. Like I stated earlier there’s just so much logic presented you can’t really refute it. The film consists of interviews by very credible sources. The film is mostly commentated by author of Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser. Eric Schlosser clearly knows his facts and presents them one after another and almost doesn’t give you time to think. Just showing the ignorance majority of Americans have about the food industry. They talk to a credible source at every level that is being
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