Obesity: Analysis Of Super Size Me

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The Path to Obesity: Analysis of Super Size Me Many people eat fast food everyday but don’t realize just how unhealthy this situation can be for them. Director Morgan Spurlock decides to show just how unhealthy Americans have become with the way we consume fast food. Spurlock eats McDonalds for thirty days and decides to eat everything on the menu at least once. Also, if he was asked to “Super Size” his meal he had to and he limited his exercise like most Americans do today. This unbelievable experiment was made into the documentary Super Size Me. Although this movie was often funny and sometimes gross, it gave a clear message about American’s eating habits and just how severe the consequences can be. The availability…show more content…
The kids instantly knew who Ronald McDonald and George Washington was but couldn’t identify one picture. The picture was of Jesus. Although this is sad, I don’t understand how this can be relevant to the experiment. Not all Americans are religious and if a child is brought up in an unreligious home they wouldn’t know who Jesus is. Also, Spurlock asks some tourist in front of the White House to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Many of them had trouble reciting it. Spurlock then asked what w as a Big Mac was made of. Some of them instantly knew what was in a Big Mac. Many Americans could know what a Big Mac is made of without ever eating one because of the overwhelming advertisements by fast food restaurants. The point Spurlock was trying to make with these two clips is unclear but they are irrelevant to the…show more content…
Spurlock attacks McDonalds in this documentary about their food and how unhealthy it is but it is not only McDonalds that is a problem. All fast food restaurants are unhealthy and advertise the unhealthy and readily available cheeseburger and large fry. The point is that obesity is a very big problem in America and fast food restaurants are not going to change the way they make their food or advertise. Americans want to have to change for the problem of obesity to go away. Although this documentary is very blunt and sometimes sickening, it might help some Americans to see that fast food might lead them down a road of health problems and maybe

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