Five Guys' Burgers and Fries

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Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries Most people are able to associate meals and food with culture or heritage. For instance, spaghetti is associated with Italy, tacos with Mexico, perhaps even soufflé in France. Most would agree that burgers and fries are the most recognizable food associated with the United States. With so many options available, and those usually being low quality food in drive thrus and dollar menus, how can Five Guys’ set itself apart to be seen as a consumer’s first choice? Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries Philosophy From humble beginnings of a small local hamburger joint and a family investment of unused college funds, Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries has a simple philosophy that has led to increasing sales, franchise locations and empowered employees. “A company's philosophy is a distillation of its culture or ambience into a group of core values that inform all aspects of its business practices.” (Spiro, 2010) We know that Five Guys’ has a culture of employee ownership and accountability that sets it apart. That employee accountability is set within its philosophy, along with two other important parts of the business. “Five Guys’ has always focused on three tiers of keeping their customer happy, providing a quality product, and ensuing employee satisfaction.” (Boone, 2012) Most fast food establishments are set to serve the most customers in a specific time period, don’t fulfill customer’s specific needs other than “no mustard” and lack the quality fresh ingredients many consumers want. These typical large fast food establishments utilize flashy signage, expensive advertising and seasonally adjusted menus to gain consumers. How frequent is it that we see menus for the holiday season that include egg- nog flavored beverages, spiced coffee or reinvented sandwiches? Five Guys’ focuses on simple menus that don’t change, use high quality

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