Chipotle History Essay

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Hector Perez Chipotle Chipotle is redefining the way fast food is made and delivered to its customers (Build Interest). They provide their costumers with the most freshest and high quality food. They have attracted all of the costumers that are looking for a place to eat where it is delicious but still healthy. Chipotle is beginning to expand quickly throughout the United States and Canada. According to the daily meal chipotle “is one of the fastest-growing companies of its type in the world”(Oral Citation). Firstly, Steven Ells is the one responsible for making this company such a huge success. He wanted to make a restaurant that had the high quality food, like the one you would get when you go to a high-end restaurant. Due to the fact that he didn’t have enough money to open up his restaurant, his dad gave him an 80,000-dollar loan for him to start his own business. He had a challenge to stretch that money in order to build an affordable yet welcoming place to eat. So that’s why when you go to chipotle you’re able to see all of their wiring and vents on the ceilings. Also, he had cheap materials for the chairs and tables in order to meet the cap to be able to get the restaurant done. The first chipotle was opened in Boulder, Colorado in 1993, and the design that it had back then still remains prominent in today’s design of their restaurants. Eating chipotle is like eating 5 star quality foods at a fast food restaurant (Simile). (Anecdote) I actually picked this topic because I love chipotle and I feel like they provide me with the highest quality food and best customer service. I go to chipotle at least twice a week. In 1998 McDonald was chipotle’s first major company that bought almost all of their stocks. Later, McDonald sold all of their shares because they thought that chipotle was not going to be a successful company. In 1999 Chipotle starts to

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