The History Of White Castle

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White Castle began in 1921 by founder Billy Ingram and the White Castle hamburger is introduced in the market. The name White was meant to describe the company’s purity and cleanliness and Castle signified strength and stability. According to the company’s recent press release, White Castle was the first fast food hamburger chain, founded in 1921and now operates more than 400 restaurants in eleven states (2010). The original success of the company was in its marketing because before 1921, the hamburger was an undesirable product (Goldberg, 2010). In terms of fast food restaurant life span, even twenty-five years in business can seem like an eternity. In an article published in the New York Times, it was reported that instead of advertising heavily, franchising or redesigning stores, White Castle relied on a simple menu of a square little hamburger that die-hard fans would buy by the bagful and devour in one sitting (Siler, 1988). Although the article was published in 1988, much of White Castle’s promotion has remained the same. This paper discusses a number of strategies that have contributed to the sustainability of the White Castle’s hamburger; identifies the intangible aspects such as crave times and company culture which has contributed to the company’s growth; and discusses the marketing strategies that have contributed to the product’s lengthy life cycle in the fast food business. In an article in Investor’s Business Daily, it was revealed that one of the keys to White Castle’s success has been the company’s ability to keep family in management positions. The article provided a bulleted list describing what contributed to the successes of family-led businesses in the United States. The two successes that were most relevant included follow the formula and start them young. In the following the formula part, it stated the management feels it’s a family

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