Fire Escape Plan

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To help the school become a safer place for kids to learn, we need to be prepared for the worst situations possible. One way we can be better prepared is by having a school fire escape plan. This fire escape plan needs to be setup so everyone in the building can be evacuated quickly and safely. In the fire escape plan there needs to be step by step procedures to follow so we can provide the quickest routes to get to safety. Here are the steps in my fire escape plan. Step one is for all teachers to get their students lined up in an orderly fashion. Step two is for teachers to grab their emergency kit containing their classroom roll. Step three is to direct their class through their routes and exits. A way to improve the exits is by using science. As we just learned about magnetism in Ms. Morris’ science class, a way to improve the safety is by using electromagnets for the exit doors instead of permanent magnets. This would be an improvement because magnet locks have a high risk of failing so in critical situations, like a fire, I wouldn’t take that risk. Electromagnets are much stronger than regular magnets so it can be used more often with a higher risk of not failing in dire situations. The final step of my fire escape plan is for the teachers to make sure everyone in their class has been safely evacuated a far distance from the fire. I think having a fire escape plan makes me feel a little bit safer. Even if we don’t have a real fire in the school all year long, knowing that we are prepared is a great feeling. Now I know what teachers mean when they say, “ The things I am teaching you is helping you in the future and will help your daily life,” because we used science to make our school better. By:
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