Cyp Core 3.4: Support Children’s and Young People’s Health and Safety

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CYP Core 3.4: Support children’s and young people’s health and safety 1.Understand how to plan and provide environments that support children and young people’s health and safety. 1.1 There are a number of factors to take into consideration when planning activities for children to ensure they have healthy and safe environments, in which to develop and thrive without being presented with unnecessary hazards. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 covers many health and safety legislations in England and Wales. These include, RIDDOR, COSHH, First Aid, Fire Regulations etc. All of these legislations need to be understood and adhered to when planning any activities. Moreover we all have a duty of care towards the children within our care, colleagues and any visitors to the school setting. Therefore rooms for example, classrooms, dining rooms, assembly hall, community rooms should all be large enough for people to be able to move around freely and not hold more furniture that would make an evacuation slow. Schools must make sure that children aged between 5 and 7 aren’t taught in classes of more than 30 pupils. There’s no legal limit for pupils aged 8 or over. Light and noise in a classroom and throughout the school should be monitored frequently a very noisy environment can cause instructions not being heard increasing risks also if possible have a period in the day where lights are turned off and natural light is used this may reduce the number of headaches children may experience. Ventilation is also important, carbon dioxide can build up in classrooms with windows and doors are kept closed. This can be easily resolved by opening windows so there is a supply of fresh air When planning activities specific risks to individuals should also taken into account. For instance a pupil who is pregnant should have a risk assessment carried out to ensure they do not

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