Teaching Assistant Level 3

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Teaching Assistant Level 3 – Assignment 2 Question 1: List ten important safety points for establishing a healthy, safe and secure environment: 1) All equipment and materials must be appropriate to the ages/level of development of the pupils, for example, small items are potential choking hazards for young children. 2) Pupils must listen carefully and follow instructions on the use of equipment and materials during activities, e.g. handling fragile or breakable objects with care. 3) Pupils must be told never to put anything in their mouths during learning activities unless instructed to do so by the adult in charge, e.g. they may be allowed to sample food during a cooking or tasting activity. 4) Safety goggles to British Standard BS2092 (in addition which can be worn with glasses) should be worn by pupils engaged in potentially hazardous activities such as sawing, hammering and science experiments involving chemicals. 5) Pupils should not touch electrical equipment, especially with wet hands. 6) When pupils are doing cooking activities ensure that ingredients are fresh and in good condition; dried ingredients are stored in alright containers; cooking utensils and table surfaces are scrupulously clean; all hands are washed beforehand. 7) Check whether any pupils is prevented from taking part in an activity due to cultural or religious dietary prohibitions; ensure that individual children are not allergic to any of the ingredients or materials. 8) Long hair should be tied back during construction, cooking, PE and science activities. 9) Pupils should be taught how to use, arrange and store PE apparatus correctly and safety as appropriate to their age and level of development. 10) Pupils should report all accidents to the teacher or teaching assistant. Question 2: what are the procedures for checking toilet
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