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Understand how to plan and provide environments and services that support children and young peoples health and safety. 1.1 Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor activities. When planning and providing environments we need to be aware of how to take into account the health and safety requirements of pupils when setting up learning activities, before starting any learning activity, myself and other staff always make sure that the environment is free from any hazards and that children will be able to work safely. I work in a setting of 5-6 year old children. Clothing- Weather must be taking in account when our activities are outdoor, children must wear coats, hats etc. on colder days, sun cream and caps must be worn in the sunnier months. Each child brings there own sun cream into school. We label it with and help the children apply throughout the day. We also provide water proof clothing for wet weather conditions. Equipment- Indoor and outdoor equipment is always checked to make sure it is in good working order and clean. The equipment must be removed if broken. Every morning equipment is checked when setting up. Hazards- hazards in school can be anything from a water spillage to a broken chair we need to constantly check around us for hazards so the children are kept safe. In my setting lam always picking things up off floor or cleaning spillages up, to reduce accident in the classroom or the outside area. In my setting last week, I had the role of checking the outside area and noticed a hazard which was a glass bottle which had been thrown over the fencing, this was reported to teacher and removed immediately. We are constantly risk assessing all areas throughout the day. Register- Every morning and after lunch a register is taking of the children and sent to the office to report any

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