Final Project: Student Survival Guide

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Final Project: Student Survival Guide Appropriately use the suggestions and techniques offered by Axia College to download materials and resources related to your classes. Create document and files in the Axia College recommended format. Use the library to research topics for discussion and assignment to enhance your learning experience at Axia College Utilizing Ebscohost, Gale Power Search, and ProQuest will provide you with all the necessary information needed to achieve academic success at Axia College. Maintain focus on relevant and pertinent information in articles and resources pertaining to your course work to complete assignments correctly. Use the Center for Writing Excellence to improve your writing skill and to avoid plagiarizing…show more content…
It is important to set goals that are tailor made for your life’s desires. Be sure that the goals you set are realistic in nature and have a purposeful meaning to you. Make clear distinctions between your short term and long term goals. Write a plan that clearly outlines each step that needs to be taken in order to the achieve goal. Set short term goals that ultimately lead to long term goals. Each small step will develop the big picture you see for yourself. Examine your as it is right known and create a list of any obstacles you foresee as a hindrance in achieving your goals. Then coordinate a plan for yourself to remove the obstacles and replace them with options that are doable to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Earning my Associates Degree in Psychology is the first set in my plan to earn a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management to start a new…show more content…
Plan your time wisely so that each task listed for that day receives the adequate time needed to accomplish them. Prioritize your responsibilities by the order of importance so that you will at all time where your focus should be to avoid wasting time that you do not have anyway. Make adjustments to daily schedule as needed to study more to achieve academic success. Delegate daily tasks to family members so you will have more time to spend on studying for your course work and other related academic material. Give up favorite pastimes for the time being to give more to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Make sure that the amount of time you spend in class and studying exceeds the amount of time you spend socializing or time spent do

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