Professional Goals In Nursing

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Personal Goals Paper Aida Motta HCS-301 December 9,2013 Karen Benjamin Nursing is a career that can take you anywhere. It has always been my dream to help others in the healthcare setting. My passion in the medical field is fueled by a constant desire to learn all facets of nursing. Even though everyone has different goals, a higher education creates more opportunity to specialize in a specific area. Education is continuous in nursing. It is a process that evolves with experience and gaining various degrees. The skills needed to achieve my educational goals include using effective communication, team work and numerous certifications. Being a nurse was always what I would consider, a calling since I was in grade school. I was the only kid in my group of friends watching surgery shows and fascinated…show more content…
This includes my ability to use time management in areas such as school work, my career and parenting. Going back to school to achieve my BSN is a personal goal made achievable through time management. Time management allows me to stay organized and develop a routine that allows me to complete all tasks in a timely fashion. According to Keys to Effective Learning (2011), every assignment and activity due go into my planner. Using a daily planner and prioritizing my responsibilities has helped me have the time to transition back to a student. Although every task is written, not all need to be done in the same day. Day to day activities can be very distracting but my schedule keeps me focused. Returning back to school and into the student role requires me to be successful in working in teams. Communicating with my peers helps me trusting in my team mates to be active in the learning experience. Conflict is always a possibility but there is always a resolution. Even outside of the classroom team work is needed. Some examples are in your friendships, household, and

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