Become A Transformational Leader

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We face increasing challenges in the world today. Transformational leaders are sorely needed. This is true in politics, business and all levels of society. It is also particularly true of your personal life. You can become a transformational leader of your life. This is when you take affairs into your hands and create the life you need or you intend to lead. Here are six ways to become a transformational leader and execute the changes needed in order to achieve total success: 1. Establish yourself as a role model. Follow and practice the vision of what you preach. Lead by example. A lot of what you can accomplish can be done by being the example. The old adage: Action speaks louder than words rings true here. 2. Clearly define your future goals. Your job as a leader is to lead the way. Leading the way means showing your team or master group what they are working for. This must be communicated clearly and constantly in order to uphold and maintain the vision. 3. Develop plans of achieving the goals. Success is a strategy not a random process. Provide a road map and how you are going to achieve your goals. This sets and frees up the energy to act. It creates a platform for initiatives to be developed and followed. 4. Continuously innovate and trouble shoot. Plans to act according to the goals you have set are not guaranteed to work. To support this process it is important to continuously innovate and troubleshoot. This will guarantee success in all you do. 5. Mentor and empower members of your team or master group. It is important to build trust and loyalty from those who work in your team. A team united under the banner of a common vision is a formidable force of success. It is your job to build this trust and loyalty. 6. Motivate followers to access and achieve their full value. Optimize your resources. Your team is the

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