Unit Cu3958: Personal Development

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UNIT CU3958: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION 1. Time Management Skills The benefits of time management make you a punctual and disciplined individual. Be prepared by creating ‘to do lists’ that prioritise your tasks throughout the day (Benefits of Time Management). When you have learnt the skills of time management you become more organised, reducing stress, you gain control and build confidence, have peace of mind and a sense of achievement and therefore, increase productivity. Time management is not just for the business world, it also needs to be in a student’s environment meeting reports on time to succeed and a parent, organising the family, school runs, children’s social activities (Business | The benefits of time management,…show more content…
Figure 2 – SMART objectives 4. Implementing a personal development plan When creating a PDP I would speak to my managers and ask them for their support in identifying where I could take the qualification and help me to ask for colleagues (assessors) to support me in achieving my goal. As I will need to assess our assessors and their learners work to ensure that quality and standards are met. When I have enrolled on the qualification I will have support from my personal tutor who will guide me through each unit and will give me an achievement date that I will need to ensure I work to so that I finish the qualification on time. I will have an assessment plan and reviews with my tutor to see my progress and discuss any issues or difficulties I face. The main part of the aims and objectives is time management. On the negative side: Do I have the time to give to this fully and without any earnings? On the positive side: In the end the potential to earn more money is
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