Federalists And Ant Federalist

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The Two Political Parties Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had a great rivalry not only political but also personal, this rivalry is what led to the two political parties, the Federalists and the Democratic Republicans. The Democratic Republicans and the federalist evolved from the Federalists and Anti Federalists, the Federalist that wanted to ratify the Constitution, while the Anti Federalist wanted to stay with the Articles of Confederation. After many heated debates the Federalists won and the constitution was ratified. During George Washington's second term in office, the Federalists and Democratic Republicans parties were formed. The stark diffrences between the two parties lead the the demise of the Federalist Parties and the rise of the Democratic Republicans. The Federalist and the Democratic Republicans have many different views on how they believe the government should be and how it should be set up. The federalists lead by Alexander Hamilton believed that the United States should create the first national bank, to help fund the nations debt from the war and to establish a states government and not a central government , but the Democratic Republicans believed it was against the constitution to establish a national bank, the Democratic Republicans also believed that a strong central government should be established instead of a states government, and with this one currency instead of one for every state. The Federalists also believed that a protective Tariff should be put in place to shield infant industries, the Federalist also believed in commercial trade throughout the sea ports to other countries. The Democratic Republicans on the other hand believed that no special tariff should be put on the manufacturers, and didn't believe in commercial trade they believed in agriculture. The Federalist also believed that the constitution
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