Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton Paper

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Angela Acuna History 1301 March 18, 2013 Founding Brothers Essay Hamilton’s and Burr’s Duel Throughout this immense life, there have been historic events that have grown upon our nation’s history. Among these events, there were many individuals who contributed to the development of our nation. A specific group of men that made an impact to our American history were called “The Founding Brothers.” The book “The Founding Brothers” by Joseph J. Ellis is about all of the overwhelming challenges that deliberate major events, disputes, and collaborations of these men. This group of individuals were both gifted and flawed interactions that profoundly influenced the early development of a new nation. One particular dispute among these men was between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Their differences between the two were drastic that led to a deadly duel. These two men have been rivals due to the interferences of Hamilton preventing Burr from becoming the governor of the New York and also the president of the United States. Hamilton interfered in the election of 1800, when both Jefferson and Burr were tied for the presidency. The Electoral College had to make a decision and vote on which candidate will be president. Hamilton did not agree with either men’s political polices, but he couldn’t stand Burr more than he did Jefferson. Through his political scheming in the House of Representatives, he was able to have Jefferson as president and Burr as the vice president of The United States. In 1804, Burr was running for governor for New York and Hamilton once again got in the way from getting that postion. Hamilton was helping campaign his opponent Morgan Lewis and as a result he was able to help him win. The relationship between these men worsened after Hamilton judged Burr at a dinner party. This made Burr frustrated and angry notes were exchanged, stating

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