Family Systems Essay

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Essay 1 Instructions Family Systems A unhealthy family system has an affect on adolescents. There are healthy family systems and there are dysfunctional family systems. In a healthy family system you are taught many things. You are taught to love yourself, respect others, live a healthy life, have a positive emotional health and also possibly have some spirituaity in ones life. Having open communication is also major in a healthy family system ( “In a healthy family system, each member is honored as an individual within the system. There is room for each person to express feelings and to be fully alive. When a family is healthy, the roles members play and the family rules and expectations do not confine the parents or the children. They only serve as useful guidelines. In a functional family each parents is clear about his and her own identity and the family is based on trust and love. There is hugging and healing and parents are emotionally available to each other and the children. They look at each child as a flower to bloom, interested in each part of the unfolding person. The defined limits of how far they will go and boundaries of how far they will let you go are clear. Flexibility and negotiation are encouraged age-appropriately”. A healthy family system works together. The family show respects, communicate and lean on each other for support. A healthy family show love, affectionate and spend a lot of family time together. I feel as though I grew up in a healthy family. I was raised in a two parent home with one older sibling. I was raised in church and it was a must not a choice. My mom believed in everyone sitting down together for dinner, in which that gave us the opportunity to tell how our day was. It also gave us the opportunity to share our feelings and

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