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What does it mean to age successfully through life with no physical, mental, or emotional changes occurring to our minds, bodies, and spirits? Is it possible for individuals to grow old without any of these changes occurring over their lifetime? The answer is no, these changes begin to occur at birth and continues throughout ones lifetime. Many of these changes are destined to occur while other changes are dependant upon how well an individual maintains their physical, mental, and emotional health’s as well as their ability to continue to live their lives involving physical activity, intellectual development and growth as well as through positive social interactions. By continuing to play active roles in the game of life older individuals…show more content…
An individual’s health and activity level can make the difference in how long abilities can be maintained and how healthy they continue to be. When individuals maintain close family connections as well as continuing to acquire new knowledge that will help to stimulate new growth in the brain which keeps them to stay involved in life and not sitting around waiting to pass on to the other side. The book discussed how successful aging is dependent upon an individual’s low probability to disease and disease related disabilities, high cognitive and physical functional capacities and an active engagement with life. When all these components are reached then it gives many individuals a way to age healthy and live longer lives but when disease or other issues begin to take their toll on an individual then for most hope is lost causing many mental and physical abilities to decline and individuals giving up on…show more content…
The other individual was truthful with events in his life and was supported by his family members. This individual continued to play an active role in not only his life but maintained healthy relationships with his family and friends as well. By establishing positive support with others it allows you to stay involved in the world around you instead of letting life pass you by because of your age. Healthy aging is possible as long as the mind, body, and spirit are maintained throughout an individual’s

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