Health And Social Care Communication Analysis

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Communication in Health and Social Care Communication is an essential part of daily living and good effective communication will relate how well we react with one another. It is a skill that is developed from birth and is influenced by ones family, education , society and beliefs. For the majority of people these skills develop naturally and it is relatively easy to express what we want to do or how we feel and understand how people around us respond or react to this. We can associate from an early age through communication methods both verbal and non-verbal if behaviours are acceptable or not by the reaction and manner from those around us. Taking these skills for granted we do not often reflect on how things would be if we didn’t have this…show more content…
The Humanistic Approach, Psychodynamic Approach, Behavioural Approach and the Cognitive Approach are well known and positively used in health care settings, but before any of these approaches can be put into place with a service user the health care worker/team must make sure that they are applying the correct one. This can be achieved by knowing the individual, knowing about their past, ensuring that the staff involved are trained appropriately and competent in their role, what risks will be presented and are they acceptable, will intervention be required and what techniques can be used, and will this approach help alleviate the current problems. It is also desireable that the carers are sympathetic, non-judgemental, patient, kind, and friendly and have excellent communications with colleagues. The Humanistic Approach highlights the significance of the individuals belief about themselves and their own personal values. It reflects the human need to achieve the best they can. This approach encourages the individuals to make choices that will improve their life and realise their full potential. Maslows (1908-1970), an American psychologist created the hierarchy of needs. It explains the concept that as a human achieves certain aims and goals in life they progress to another level. On completing these…show more content…
The person centred care plan has been adapted from this approach and highlights the necessity of the clients individual beliefs and values and interests and how they behave and cope with life at present. These person centred plans are widely used throughout the health care setting and can be applied to many situations. This approach could be used in supporting a client in his 40’s who is being cared for in a general hospital and recovering from a heart attack. The client will benefit from this personal program because it will be based entirely on him and will enable him to take positive steps back to good health. A good rapport between the client and the carers will form a sense of trust and reliance which will assist in progress. Good verbal communication will provide a good understanding in the life-style changes that may have to be incorporated into his daily living, for example the client may have been over weight indulging in a lot of fast foods or a smoker or has a very stressful occupation, so the carer can listen and help provide a new healthy living plan, with plenty of support that will eliminate or cut down on these unhealthy choices introducing small step by step changes and helping regain a much fuller healthier life, at the same time providing empathy and understanding to their

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