Family More Important Than Friends

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Family and friends are an important part in the life. All of them teach a lot of important lessons. These lessons are always helpful in the life. However, the lessons from family are more important than from friends, because the family taught the first lessons about life and these lessons rule life forever. Some people think that family is the most important influence on people. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on people. Family comes first in terms of influences on people. Family is the first and sometimes the best teachers. In some cases, parents could also be best friends. Through their love and experience, family teach how to; love other people, be honest, how to cooperate with partners, and respect the values of working, accept responsibility and enjoy the life. Family tries to spend as much of their free time teaching their sons. One important lesson learned from family is how to communicate with people. It is always important to have friends and sustain this friendship with people of similar likes and dislikes or interests. Friends do provide an outlook and orientation that is certainly different than the family. This outlook can be with the times. There could be no generation gap involved but on certain matters of life, we need help or counseling or even coaching from the right people. These could be our parents or an older sibling who have known us since our birth. For me influence of family outweighs influence of friends in certain ways. To conclude, family has stronger and deeper roots in people than anything else. They are indeed true support systems. Family is the best teachers. All of the lessons that learn from family are so important, because these lessons are basic and necessary lessons. They affect life forever and led to
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