Families Social Context

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This essay is going to discuss what is meant by the term social context and how society today and its services benefit families in this term. It will identify relevant skills, principles approaches to the assessment process, explore the stages of this process and how these key services and findings from the article will help benefit the family in a social context. It will explore the findings of Morawska et al 2011 on his research on parenting programmes and culturally diverse families and if the findings from his research were valid. The term social context refers to the social and physical setting in which people live in or where something develops. This can include the culture in which an individual lived or was educated in as well as people or organisations they interact with. The topic of Morawska (2011) article is whether the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program is acceptable to Parents from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds, it explores whether families with a culturally diverse background benefit from this programme and just how well does it aid the families who have kids with behaviour problems and does it retain the family harmony. “We examined the cultural acceptability of program materials, preferences for delivery methods, and barriers to use of the Triple PPositive Parenting Program.” Morawska et al (2011) The triple p-positive parenting programme is a parenting and family support system which had been designed to prevent behavioural or emotional problems within children as well help treat any existing issues in this matter. The aim of the programme is stop any problems that can occur in the family or school before they actually take place, it is there to help create and support family environments that encourage a child to recognize their full potential. It’s a multilevel system family intervention that provides five levels for increasing
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