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CYP 3.1 3.4 If a child is not following the expected pattern at a suitable rate there are a range of interventions that we can put into place to be able to gain a positive outcome in being able to speed up the rate in which they follow the pattern or we can use it to our advantage to build the individual socially, emotionally, behaviourally and intellectually. Here are some interventions that we can have put into place to create a positive outcome within my current placement: Social Workers Social workers, on the whole, are linked to families and sometimes more specifically to an individual within a family ensuring their safety and security, this may include situations such as their living conditions and school placements. Social workers are put into place when there are flags for concern, positioning the child into a state of vulnerability. The importance of the social worker is immeasurable when creating a strategy to modify a child’s or young person’s development that is not following the expected pattern within the appropriate time frames. So by putting in place a social worker we are able to promote a positive outcome in the sense of additional support and a place to go in a moment of crisis or panic. Speech and language therapist Speech and language therapists are provide when a child’s language and communication skills aren’t the best that they could be. In my current placement we have a SLT(speech/language therapist) which the majority of individuals visit because of their lack in language, we often find the language lacks because of the lack of communication at home. I’m currently working with a student in year 7 who is visiting the speech and language therapist to develop his language as he moved away to Spain when he was 6 months old and had no adult contact till he was 6 years old. When he came to the school he had 30% communication and used

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