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When it comes to global brands, a lot of names come to mind that create lasting legacies and billion-dollar empires, and Facebook is certainly a juggernaut among them. The world's largest social networking site as well as one of the world's most valuable companies. Facebook has built an impact on the world within a incredibly short span of time by connecting and influencing millions of people of all ages around the world in the most profound ways possible with their breakthroughs in communication, technology, broadcasting and entertainment, revolutionizing the social media and startup market, among many other things, and it continues to evolve, and in doing so, it is also changing the way we see the world and connect with it. The company's…show more content…
Nowadays, especially in developing countries, a recent trend has picked up in the similar vein of startup companies. Small, private firms that operate at a minimal cost and need low-cost effective marketing to make ends meet. It may be an online food delivery service, or an apparel store, or even a new media firm. They all publicize their products through Facebook. The internet has helped reduce the cost of promoting new businesses drastically. And anybody could learn the trade with ease. A couple of decades ago, if one were to open up a new restaurant in market, the next hot culinary sensation in town, it would take the restaurant owner quite a lot of time to reach the intended fanbase through word-of-mouth. Nowadays, simply posting attractive photos of dishes on the respective restaurant's Facebook page would get the job done; all achieved through minimal cost. It is all a self-sustaining cycle that is revolutionizing the way the market works today. And Facebook is pivotal to…show more content…
Most of us don't even look at Facebook as a "brand" or a site anymore. We use it as part of our everyday language and lives, there are films and books made on it and built around it ("Facebook me" and "selfie" are legitimate dictionary words now). The cultural, artistic and aesthetic impact Facebook has on our lives today is astronomical. Human beings in general yearn for connection, acceptance, and a sense of community that fulfills the purpose of being a social creature. And as times are advancing. The leaps and bounds Facebook are crossing to introduce more innovations to the way we connect and communicate with people and even the world around us makes it an integral part of human life itself. Everything from breaking news to rights activism to the trendiest new apparel store on the block, they are all publicized through

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