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It is crucial for Gene One to continue to make collaborate decisions and empower all levels of management. The existing executive management team already has an information-sharing relationship. Expanding that to investors will increase branding and ensure strong public acceptance. This will prepare Gene One for the IPO. Each member of the management team has individual strengths to bring to the table. Utilizing technological knowledge, community and political support, solid reputation and proven growth will solidify the need to become a publicly traded company and received the benefits that come with that status. In 2005 McDonalds spun off Chipotle, a pioneer in what's called "fast casual" dining. The food is prepared fresh and the emphasis…show more content…
Of Chipotle's 489 stores open on Dec. 31, 2005, 184 had opened since Jan. 1, 2004, and rapid expansion is planned in the next three years. This could make future results uneven, and a change in the economy or consumer needs could affect earnings. But more than that, In contrast to Gene One, Chipotle doesn't have an extensive operating history as an independent company, making it difficult to evaluate its future prospects. Gene One has solid relationships and a solid growth…show more content…
Consumers are demanding chemical free homegrown products. It is easy for consumers to find other companies who can provide comparable services. However, new technology is only a fraction of what makes Gene One stand out over their competitors. Consumer loyalty and strong leadership will give them a major advantage. The challenge for Gene One will be to maintain their cohesiveness as a management team and maintaining a high level of social responsibility while expanding the company to a publicly traded organization. Management will have to focus on their social responsibility by continuing to have strong control over product development and new technology. As leaders, it will be crucial to maintain a level of adaptability as the workplace culture changes as a result of the IPO. In contrast to Disney, Michael Eisner's reputation for obsessive meddling in the affairs of his managers has had a negative impact on the management team at Disney. Roy Disney was a hands-on manager who empowered his team. Gene One has a cohesive and passionate management team. (Mitchell

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