Explain Why International Tension Increased in Europe in the Period from Hitler’s Takeover of Czechoslovakia (March 1939) to His Invasion of Poland (1 September 1939).

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Explain why international tension increased in Europe in the period from Hitler’s takeover of Czechoslovakia (March 1939) to his invasion of Poland (1 September 1939). Hitler’s actions had clearly threatened peace in Europe with plans to regain the Sudetenland. The Czechoslovakian leader, Edvard Benes, was fully aware of the imminent threat to his country, and appealed for help from the league of nations who reluctantly, agreed to defend Czechoslovakia if it were invaded by Germany, as they wanted to avoid war at all costs Hitler then increased the tension by proclaiming that he would fight for the Sudetenland if he had provoked. This was a bold threat from Hitler, as the Czechs had a powerful army. They also had guarantees of support from Britain and France. Hitler had initiated a crisis throughout Europe; there was a genuine fear that a war was coming. Chamberlain attempted to resolve the crisis by meeting with Hitler. Britain, France and Italy decided to agree to Hitler and give Germany the Sudetenland; this was known as the Munich conference. The three powers did not consult with Benes and the Czechs, nor with Russia. This made once again increased tension. Hitler had again achieved his aim by threatening force. Although Chamberlain declared that the appeasement meant ‘peace in our time’, he had at the same time authorized a great increase in arms spending. Hitler’s policies had led to a renewed arms race in Europe. On 15 March 1939, Germany marched in and occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia. The Munich Agreement was shattered. Hitler had taken over a non-agreed territory, and surpassed his pursuit of Grossedeutschland his foreign policy aims as stated in “Mein Kampf” meant that war in Europe was inevitable. It was clear that Poland would be Hitler’s next target. Britain and France had failed to respond to the occupation of Czechoslovakia,
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